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Compassion Lab

We are a multidisciplinary team of researchers working towards bringing a positive social change in communities that are under-resourced and marginalized. We bring expertise from HCI, CSCW, Mixed-Reality, Law, Social Sciences and Design.

We are a part of the Human Centered Computing discipline of School of ITEE at the University of Queensland.

Contact us: d.vyas(AT)

Example Projects

What We Do

DIY and Making

This project focuses on fostering DIY and making practices in low SES communities via design and development of novel ICTs. This project is funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC), through its DECRA fellowship DE180100687.

Technology in Communities, Housing, Health, and Wellbeing

A set of projects aiming to support various needs of communities in Australia and developing nations. Design and use of VR/XR, Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing technologies.

Designing for Under-resourced Communities

These are a range of mini projects that focus on designing technologies for refugees, older adults, marginalized women, homeless individuals, and people from developing countries. A range of PhD and Masters students have worked on these.

Research activities within Compassion Lab have been supported by the Australian Research Council (DE180100687) and the School of ITEE at the University of Queensland.