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ARC DECRA – DE180100687

This project aims to foster DIY and making among individuals from low socioeconomic communities. Extensive ethnographic fieldwork, PD workshops and technology trials have been conducted in men’s sheds, an e-waste recycling center, woodworking workshops, women’s knitting groups and a community makerspace.

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AI-enabled Smart Homes for People with Disabilities

In collaboration with Ariel Care Pty Ltd, this project aims to provide human-centered AI solutions to people who are paraplegic. Following an in-depth fieldwork and engaging closely with relevant stakeholders, this project will develop a set of UI designs that will be incorporated into the AI suit developed by the Ariel Care folks.

VR & Housing Insecurity

This research aims to explore the use of Virtual Reality (VR) technologies as a research tool to study housing insecurity in low SES communities. Using a co-creation approach participants were enabled to create their own homes in order to understand their needs and asperations associated with their domesticity. We plan to propose VR as a research tool to explore early stages of design.

Intersectional Women & Making

Women, particularly women of colour, such as refugees, migrants and Indigenous women, who have faced a lifetime of social, economic and cultural intersectional constraints, which have in turn limited their access to education and employment, continue to also miss out on using makerspaces, or are confined to makerspaces which offer craft oriented activities. This research aims to identify the factors that enable access and utility of STEM oriented makerspaces for women of diverse backgrounds and the factors that constrain participation, which will lead to the design of a conceptual framework for an intersectional makerspace

Designing for Refugees

This project has focused on understanding challenges that affect newly-arrived refugees’ re-settlement in host countries. We have used in-situ methods, as well as conducted social media analysis on the refugee discourse. A new project focuses on DIY and making activities in refugee communities to foster their entrepreneurial activities. Dr Asam Almohamed (a former refugee) worked on this project under Dr Dhaval Vyas’s supervision.

Homelessness & Technology

In collaboration with OrangeSky, this project aimed to study the experiences of individuals struggling with homelessness during the COVID-19 crisis. A storytelling application was developed as a research of this projects, which enabled individuals to share their experiences to others in a form of photos and voice messages.

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